Swim: Freestyle/Backstroke Work

Hopefully I'll be back to running soon but until then, another swim workout to start the week! TOTAL: 2,500 YARDS Feel free to cut down on distance and adjust the times as needed! Warm Up 1 x 300 Free 4 x 50 Kick (Streamline on back) @ 1:20 4 x 25 IM (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, … Continue reading Swim: Freestyle/Backstroke Work


Swim: Descending Pull Set

After four weeks of not running, I'm starting to the get in the groove of other activities that will help me to maintain my fitness level. Of these other activities, my favorite has been swimming though I may be a little biased since I used to swim competitively and teach swim lessons. TOTAL: 2,200 YARDS … Continue reading Swim: Descending Pull Set

Elliptical Workouts for Injured Runners

It's official. I am starting the new year with an injury. It can only go up from here, right? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely hate being injured and not being able to run. Yet I also love how being injured forces me to hit a reset button and focus on cross-training. When it comes … Continue reading Elliptical Workouts for Injured Runners

2017 Recap // 2018 Goals

This past year was crazy to say the least. We moved back across the country to California. Cade proposed at the San Francisco Marathon where I also reached my sub 4 hour marathon goal - did I mention it was the best weekend ever? And then we bought our first home in October! The past … Continue reading 2017 Recap // 2018 Goals

Race Review: Berkeley Half Marathon

What: Berkeley Half Marathon When: November 19, 2017 Where: Berkeley, CA Distance: Half marathon Bib Pickup Runners were given the option to either pick up bibs in person or pay a small fee to receive bibs in the mail. I chose to go to the expo but would definitely recommend paying for the mail option … Continue reading Race Review: Berkeley Half Marathon